About Us

AlMudaf & AlKulaib Group, a prominent name in Kuwait’s business landscape, signifies diversification and distinction.
We exemplify excellence in various industries, shaping a future of exceptional possibilities.


AlMudaf & AlKulaib Group has experienced a remarkable evolution, transitioning from a singular pioneering restaurant to the adept management of diversified portfolios encompassing Food & Beverage, Technology, Production, and Real Estate. Our vision extends to a future defined by even greater dynamism, catering to a wide spectrum of customer needs. We achieve this by ceaselessly seizing opportunities and harnessing the talents of an exceptional workforce, delivering consistently superior results.

Who We Are

Our distinguished leaders, Mr. Abdullah Al Mudaf, Chairman, and Mr. Bader Al Kulaib, CEO, bring a wealth of experience from leading global brands to curate a team of unparalleled excellence. This commitment to excellence echoes through our Kuwait Head Office and resonates across our regional presence, restaurants, and branches.

Our Vision & Values

We’re dedicated to perpetual improvement, exceeding boundaries, and creating unforgettable customer experiences. Every operational detail is meticulously optimized to consistently achieve greatness.

Dedicated to culinary redefinition, we fuse creativity, quality, and innovation to offer a diverse range of exquisite food and beverages. Our aim is to craft exceptional dining experiences that resonate as moments of refined, epicurean significance for our discerning patrons.

Our Unwavering Dedication is to attain preeminence in all facets of our operations. We aspire to be the foremost partner of choice across the industries we engage, setting a superlative benchmark for uncompromising quality and innovation.

Merging inventive integrity, delivering unparalleled value, with customer primacy as a guiding principle.