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KUKU The Chick, your go-to destination for the best fried chicken in town

Kuku The Chick

Welcome to the extraordinary world of KUKU The Chick, where culinary excellence meets the art of indulgence. We are your foremost takeout sensation, dedicated to delivering an unparalleled takeaway experience that defines convenience without compromising on taste. Our culinary craftsmen have perfected the art of frying, ensuring each chicken strip emerges perfectly golden, irresistibly crunchy, and bursting with flavor.


Our fried chicken tenders is a culinary masterpiece. We meticulously choose the finest chicken cuts, marinate them in a proprietary blend of special KUKU spices, and expertly fry them to achieve a golden, crispy, and irresistibly flavorful sensation that will set your taste buds aflutter.


Order today to relish our crispy tenders, savory burgers, delectable fries, and favorite drinks at great prices. Our enduring success secret: a relentless passion for outstanding quality and exceptional flavor, ensuring satisfaction for all, be it with family or solo.


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Arraya Tower2, 26th floor, Abdulaziz Hamad AlSaqr St, Sharq, Kuwait


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    Kuku The Chick

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    Kuku The Chick

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