Mama Suad extends an inviting embrace to experience the authentic flavors, from simple to sumptuous,
that were traditionally the sole province of Kuwaiti households


Embark on a homely culinary journey through Kuwait’s rich and flavorful heritage at our traditional restaurant. We extend a warm welcome to savor the timeless tastes and cultural traditions that have been lovingly preserved in our kitchen. Our menu is a tapestry of delectable dishes, from the fragrant Machboos to the hearty Marag, the comforting Sambosa, and the nourishing fatoush – all prepared with the same love and devotion that fills Kuwaiti households.


Committed to authenticity, we combine traditional recipes with the finest local Kuwaiti produce, crafting unique and vibrant flavors. Using quality fresh ingredients, our cuisine is enriched by exclusive spices, fresh meats, and the skillful craftsmanship of a dedicated team of chefs in a hygienic setting, always prioritizing the health of our loyal customers.


At Mama Suad, we go beyond the conventional dining experience, providing a haven of Kuwaiti culinary excellence that envelops you in the comfort of home. Delve into the authentic warmth of our hospitality as we carefully rekindle ancient recipes and enduring customs that have been cherished for generations. Join us in celebrating Kuwait’s rich heritage by partaking in the joy of a shared meal, where each dish we serve becomes a story, and every bite is a testament to our enduring traditions.

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Arraya Tower2, 26th floor, Abdulaziz Hamad AlSaqr St, Sharq, Kuwait


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    Mama Suad

    Jalboot Village, Sabah Al Ahmed Marine, Al Khiran

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