52 Productions is established with a visionary ambition to ascend
as a leading and renowned production house

52 Productions: Kuwait’s foremost independent production house, dedicated to creating exceptional content for the GCC market.


In the digital age, exceptional video production transcends scripts and storyboards. It relies on our unwavering commitment to quality and our seasoned expertise. With over 5 billion daily YouTube views, we understand the pivotal role of relevant video content in cultivating robust brands and engaged customer relationships.


52 Productions, where boundless passion and innovation converge to craft the pinnacle of video excellence. We are your exclusive partner, poised to deliver a premier video experience that sets you apart


Hardees film Ramadan 2016
Food discussions always end with Hardees
Zain Telecom film New Year 2017
Bringing back memories
Hardees film Ramdan 2016
Forever Young Say No More “Uncle”
KFC film 2015
Unleash your inner Colonel
KFC film 2014
Enduring classic taste of Zinger
Steak n Shake film 2015
When love is delicious
KUMAR film ramadan 2019
Kumar brings Kuwaiti harmony to Indian classics
KUMAR film Ramdan 2016
Ana Same Same Messi
Mustard Burger film 2017
Introducing Saif Jones
Mubarakiya film 2018
Mubarakiya, the heart of Kuwait City
Mustard Burger film 2017
Opera? Not Really