Food & Beverage

Launching a single restaurant started the journey. Today we have a dynamic group of F&B brands which satisfy cravings for delicious food across the GCC.


Technology is all around us, at MK Group we specialize in developing exceptional technology-based solutions to…


52 Productions is a leading independent film production house in Kuwait, creating engaging and meaningful content for the GCC’s most recognized brands.

Real Estate

We’re passionate about property. MK Group owns a substantial portfolio of highly sought-after real estate across Europe, and our dedicated Real Estate team has the skills and expertise required to ensure all of your property needs are met.


AlMudhaf & AlKulaib Group has grown quickly from operating one unique restaurant concept to managing a diverse portfolio across a range of different industries. Today this includes Food & Beverage, Technology, Production, and Real Estate. Tomorrow we’ll be managing an even more dynamic portfolio, serving a range of customers and needs. We’re getting it done by constantly seizing every opportunity and leveraging a highly qualified and skilled workforce to deliver bigger and better results.

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We create brands our clients fall in love with. From unique burgers, to disruptive innovation, and from narrative creation to holiday retreats. Everything we do aligns with one goal - creating moments that matter.


To be the best in everything we do. We will be the #1 partner of choice across the industries we serve.


We believe in innovation with integrity, creating maximum value with everything we do, and always putting our customers first.